[h1 style=”first-word double-color”]Biathlon #2 – Salwa 19 April Results[/h1]

Biathlon2 Results
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Please click on above picture to download the Excel results file from Dropbox[/h5]

Please see attached results from Fridays biathlon. If you have any questions and comments on the results don’t hesitate to contact us and we will investigate, Final results will be issued later.

Well done to everybody who raced yesterday. We are very happy to see new members, especially the promising junior team led by Alistair. We need to watch these boys.

Big thank to all the committee members, to Steve Salt (who also laid out the course early morning) and all who helped to organize this event and of course to Salwa compound for hosting. A big thank-you to all our sponsors for their continued support.

2013 Bi1 and Bi2 Arab news

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